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Medicinal and Aromatic

We reworking in the field of production and exporting Medicinal and Aromatic Herbs Our products are grown in Sudanese farms located in a ‘pollution-free’ area that has all the necessary elements for growing herbs. Our products are laboratory tested to ensure compliance with the international standards and specifications and to meet the requirements of our clients.

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Export Services

are providing export services for customers buying from Sudan. Services such as Sourcing of supplies. shipping. Warehousing. Documents clearance etc. The whole of our work is to create value for customers. And making ”buy from Sudan” much safer and easier! Buy from Sudan now? Just contact us. We will do all the rest job for you! We are your partner in Sudan!
we with glory provide the service of delivering from door to door in china since 2015, expanding our chain of suppliers in Asia and the Middle East
your consignment will be safe, as we deal with well known, trusted marine companies, which ensure the shipping in short fast route.
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